piano_brand: Geyer

Geyer GU123

This Upright piano provides the perfect medium sized accoutrement for its smaller sibling, the GU-115. With very little change in choice of materials, the GU-123?s larger acoustic chamber provides the same bright top end, but with more body given to the middle of the keyboard and bass notes. Perfect for the advancing musician this instrument?s balance and playability promises to inspire any student of the piano to practice and experiment. A. Geyer?s commitment to quality is no better reflected than in this model.

Geyer GU115

This upright provides the perfect meeting point between compactness and quality. Built for the beginner, the GU-115 is easily capable of supporting any budding musician through their grades and towards piano mastery. Despite it?s size it does not sacrifice on quality. German scaling and design, alongside the careful selection of high quality materials and craftsmanship give this instrument a long-lasting quality rarely seen at this price range. Resonant bass notes accompanied by a bright top end give this instrument excellent balance and playability. A must for any beginner pianist on a budget.