Piano Type: Upright

Yamaha U3

An expansive soundboard and acoustic chamber give the 131 cm U3 extended power and projection, with the peerless tonal and expressive control of the legendary Yamaha action.

Yamaha U1

A perennial favourite amongst discerning pianists, the Yamaha U1 offers outstanding musical performance, setting the standards by which many other upright pianos are measured.

Yamaha P124 Upright

The P124 is a unique piano, only manufactured in limited numbers. Designed for European ears, with a soft, warm tone, and sitting in between the height of a U1 and U3 this model offers a great alternative to the U series upright pianos.

Yamaha P121 Upright

Designed in Europe to European preferences, the P121 boasts exquisite cabinetry, European spruce soundboard and back posts and the rich, expressive voice of a full-sized upright.

The larger dimensions of the P121 ultimately result in a larger acoustic chamber. In turn, this generates a stronger, deeper sound that highlights more of the nuances in an artists style of play. As with all Yamaha instruments, this is constructed to the highest standard, with upmost attention being paid to long lasting performance. The P121 deserves its status as an investment, as it will easily see any pianist through their grades and much of their development.

Hailun H 9P

Hailun’s most powerful upright piano. This professional instrument offers pianists a dynamic touch along with a pure rich tone that would be required from some of the most discerning musicians.

Duplex scaling gives the piano that beautiful rich and pingy sound in the treble that is synonymous with high end German manufacturers. The piano also has a copper steel bead on the capo bar, when this works with the steel pressure bar you suddenly get that clear and projective sound that all pianists look for.

The structural integrity and consistency in the H series is only possible due to the ‘PAS’ Aluminium keybed, full perimeter wet sand cast plate that creates more overtones in a sound, 6 back posts and a multi laminated pin block for tuning stability.

Hailun HU-5P upright

Designed for the larger studio, the HU 5P Professional Studio is powerful and yet well balanced with a colourful tone. Cold pressed hammers of highest quality German Wurzen felt are the heart of the sound. Tuning and action stability are ensured with the multi-laminate maple pin block, bass agraffes, full perimeter wet sand cast plate, and the exclusive PAS Keyboard Stability system. Special ebonized sharps and all wood action parts made of hornbeam from Europe give the pianist exceptional control. Slow-close fallboard and classic design add the finishing touch.

Steinhoven SU 133

The Steinhoven SU 133 upright piano in polished ebony is the flagship of our Steinhoven range of pianos with amazing power, strength and depth of resonance in the lower registers.

This highly regarded piano is the top of the range with its grand length strings, the Steinhoven SU 133 has massive bass power and a crystaline treble section to produce the ultimate in musical variety and tonal colour. The consistency across the range of octaves ensures the Steinhoven SU 133 is a first class musical instrument.

Steinhoven SU 128

The Steinhoven SU128 upright piano in Polished Ebony is the epitome of contemporary style and design. Its graceful rounded edge design and timeless qualities are all you would expect in this fine, truly impressive piano.

The Steinhoven SU128 delivers superb sound quality, pure clear tone and easy to play responsive keyboard touch. The SU 128s unique “X” wooden back frame provides for extra strength and tuning stability.

Steinhoven SU 131

The Steinhoven S131 is crafted from the finest materials and is an instrument full of tonal quality, touch, durability and affordability. With great attention to detail the Steinhoven S131 is another star among our Steinhoven range.

Built to the highest quality the simple elegance and refined tone of this upright piano is another example of fine craftsmanship. An instrument of choice among professionals and music schools for its outstanding performance. All our Steinhoven pianos are built to the highest quality standards with the greatest attention to detail made throughout. Key Features: 100% German wool hammer felt. Spruce soundboard German Roslau piano strings – considered to be the best material for strings Soft closing fallboard for finger protection.